MEN ON A BEACHHow They Could Change Your Love Life

Anal sex toys are a part many a gay guy’s bedroom repertoire. Here’s why you should introduce them to yours.

If there’s one thing that has the power to revolutionise a gay couple’s love life, it’s a sex toy! Men of all ages and in all kinds of relationships can’t get enough of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and all the other gay sex toys you can think of! Here’s why they are so popular.

There’s so many to choose from

One reason that anal sex toys are so popular is that there is one for everyone. Whether you like powerful, prostate stimulating vibrators, anal beads or a simple dildo with no bells and whistles, there’s going to be something that is perfect for you. If you shop for your new sex toy at a top online retailer such as Esmale, you’ll be able to pick from a huge range of toys. Not sure which one to get? Then treat yourself to a few and do a little experimenting!

Use alone or together

Anal sex toys can be used with or without a partner, making them popular with gay men no matter their relationship status. There’s a misconception that toys are only for solo fun, but they are a great way of spicing up things with a partner too. Of course, they do make masturbation much more fun – but there’s really no limits when it comes to who uses them and who they choose to use them with. A quick bit of advice though – keep your toys clean if you are sharing!

Great for building confidence

Anal toys are so great for those who are just starting to experiment with sex. You can start off small and then work your way up to bigger models, taking as much time as you need to adjust and become comfortable with anal play. When you do eventually sleep with another guy, you won’t feel scared or intimidated, and you’ll approach sex with a much more open-minded attitude. That’s what makes them so popular with guys who have just come out, regardless of their age.

Cheap and cheerful

Having fun with sex toys is a relatively inexpensive way to experiment. Let’s say that you wanted to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner, and you were trying to decide between a sexy night in or an evening at a restaurant. You can pick up some anal toys for less than £20, which is a fraction of what a meal at a fancy eatery would cost you.

An ideal gift

Sex toys make for great presents for the special man in your life. You could wrap up a few cheeky treats for him, or splash out on one big purchase that you’re both going to enjoy. Buying your partner some sex toys may seem a little full on, but it’s actually a really sweet gesture. It shows that you’re willing to invest in your love life, and that means a lot. With the festive season just around the corner, go on and make your Xmas X-rated!

It’s time to start shopping!

As you can see, sex toys have so much to offer gay guys. If you want to snap up some new toys out for yourself or your partner, then head on over to Esmale and see what’s on offer. Whether you save your new treats for Christmas or try them out as soon as you get home, you’re set to get up to all kinds of sexy fun!

Why Gay Men Love Anal Sex Toys