gay men kissingEverything You Need to Know About These Little Bottles of Fun

Poppers have been a big thing on the gay scene for so many years, but what makes them so popular?

Poppers are commonly used but so little is known about them. If you have never dabbled with them before, then you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. To help you out a little, we’ve put together a list of reasons of why gay men just can’t get enough of poppers.

They turn you on

Poppers are said to increase arousal, and this is what first made them popular with gay men all over the world. They cause your blood pressure to fall and your blood vessels to dilate, making you feel relaxed and, you guessed it, much more turned on. Poppers have been popular since they first hit the gay scene during the disco era, and all those years on, are still regularly used by experimental gay men looking to make sex even better for them and their partner.

They help you to relax

Another reason men use poppers is because they relax the muscles. This is not only going to make you feel less tense, but it can also help with sex too. Men who bottom after taking poppers find that they can do so much more easily because they are much looser and more relaxed. This obviously makes sex easier and more pleasurable for both partners, and can eliminate the worries that some men have about trying anal.

They’ll keep you harder for longer

Remember what we said about the drop in blood pressure and the dilation of blood vessels? Well, that means that blood flows much more easily around the body. So naturally, men will find that their erections are much harder and last for longer. So sex won’t just feel better, but it will go on for much longer too! Some men also report that their orgasms last for a longer period of time too. So poppers can really boost and prolong the pleasure both partners experience.

They give you a rush

Even if they weren’t taking them to have more fun in the bedroom, gay men would still notice some really pleasant effects from poppers. Almost immediately after using them, you’ll feel a ‘rush’ that makes you feel high and giddy. Your face will flush and you will feel a wonderful warm sensation spread all over your body. Some men take them to relax and unwind with friends, while others will use them during a night out. Of course, that high does really feel great when used during sex too.

Where to buy the best

Gay men love to use poppers because they are cheap and easy to get hold of. If you are going to experiment with them, then make sure that you purchase yours from a trusted retailer. Popper Super Shop have a huge range of poppers for sale, and their prices are seriously competitive. With free delivery to UK customers too, why would you want to shop for your poppers anywhere else?

Let’s have some fun!

Whether you have just come out or you’ve been on the gay scene for years, there’s no right or wrong time to start having fun with poppers. As long as you shop for yours with a trusted and safe retailer, there’s no reason why they can’t become an occasional treat for you and a partner to enjoy together.

Why Do Gay Men Love To Take Poppers?