relationships with an escort

There are not many professions that are as intimate as those who work in the sex industry.


Sometimes cheap London escorts and a regular client do move from purely a “business” transaction of selling companionship and sex, to an actual loving relationship where they date and have free sex. The escort may well be still working and seeing other clients. Most escorts are in a relationship away from their clients, with their partners understanding that it is just a job, they are offering purely a service, just like an electrician or a mechanic, it just so happens to be that the service they are offering is sex.

However some escorts are single, and indeed hold down other jobs or are studying, and using escorting as a way to supplement or add to their income, and there are those who have it as their only job.


Having a relationship with an escort

One full time escort we spoke to stated;

“I have been dating one of my regular clients for about 7 months now, it is going really well. Initially he did want we me stop, but soon realised that mentally the sex to me (although great) does not invoke the same feelings with clients to me, as when I have sex with him, also he realised the money I make being an escort is far more then I would make doing a “regular” 9 to 5 job. He is really supportive to me, and just like any other job I have good days and bad days, and it is so nice to come home to him and for us to be able to discuss how our days went. I am always open and honest with him, and of course there are times when I need to reassure him that to me it is just a job with no real emotional feelings involved on my part – I totally get why he feels like that at times, but like I tell him, he gets all of me every day, it is always him I come home to, my clients don’t get the ‘real me’ – it is almost an act, yes of course I do enjoy some of the sex I have and find some of my clients attractive, but it is not the real, complete me! It is almost like I am 2 people”.

Some escorts do of course have a strict “no relationship with clients” rule, but then again you can not help or control your feelings.


Would you be in a relationship with an escort? How would you feel about it?

Relationships with An Escort